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About the Beta Blog

As part of my work as a web consultant most days I end up investigating, testing, playing, learnng or reminding myself about some web related thing or another. On many occasion I’ve wanted to let you in on those little journeys and even though I do, 140 characters isn’t always enough.

Why not part of the beantin blog?

The posts I make on are more formal posts. In-depth guides, explainations, and comment. I wanted somewhere to share less formal, shorter, stream of consciousness-like snippets about the research and investigations I do daily. So i’ve created a seperate blog, the Beantin Beta Blog.

I want this to be the blog of the web master who is sitting by your side. This blog is going to be raw, possibly even wrong at times. It’s will hopefully have a similar mix of technical and non-techncial as my main blog, although i’m not promising anything. So those of you who are a little less technical, hold tight just in case.

It helps keep the promise of my Beantin manifesto – Increase openness, share knowledge, and help horizontally link the numerous skills needed to do web stuff and to do it well.

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