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August 31, 2010

Adding Lotus Connections Profile Search as a search provider in IE8

I’m currently working on ways to integrate features and functions of IBM Lotus Connections with the “traditional” part of an intranet – features such as people/profile search – For those of you in corporate environments running Internet Explorer as your standard browser, you may be interested in adding people search as an alternative search provider.

screenshot from IE8IE8 has “Live search” as it’s default search engine. You can choose to add alternative search engines to that search box, and switch between them by selecting the search engine from the little drop down to the right of the box.

It’s very straight forward to add the ability to search Lotus Connection profiles to that search box.

1. Visit this Microsoft page

2. Enter the following URL into the box by step 3 http://<connections-hostname>/profiles/html/

3. Enter “People Search” (or a name of your choice) into the box by step 4.

4. Click on “install”.

screenshot from microsoft.comYou should now be able to select “People Search” as the search engine, and type a person’s name. Connections will then provide a list of search results.

You can do a similar things for Firefox and Chrome.

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