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January 15, 2013

Clearing LinkedIn’s link sharing preview cache

When sharing a link on LinkedIn a preview is generated. This preview uses data from your webpage (Open Graph metadata if present). Sometimes you want to optimise this text, so you test the page first.


Unfortunately LinkedIn caches the data it retrieves the first time the link is previewed and keeps it cached for a week!

LinkedIn achknowledged this limitation almost two years ago but there still isn’t any tool available to clear the preview cache.


Facebook cache preview data too, but with Facebook it’s possible to reset the data by putting your URL through the debugger (formally “Lint”).


Google+ naturally caches everything too, but Google+ honour the caching directives of your page and resources – as they should.

So when testing with G+ you should if possible make sure you’ve set short cache lifetimes on your webpage and images.


The only way to “clear” the sharing preview cache for LinkedIn is to trick LinkedIn into thinking your page is a different (and new) page.

This is done by adding a made-up parameter to the link. It doesn’t affect your webpage, but it does force the metadata to be re-fetched.


Original link:
"New" link:
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