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August 16, 2010

Auto-generated Facebook community pages

I knew about Facebook Community pages, launched back in April, and I knew of the difference between those and “Fan pages” – which became just “Pages” as part of the April change. What I didn’t realise was that Facebook automatically created as many as 6.5 million community pages.

The names of those pages where pulled from the people’s profiles – from the interests and employees people had added. This has resulted in many brands suddenly having a community page with exactly the same name competing with their official business page – because employees had listed the company as one of their employers.

I had, without checking, presumed that Facebook had only created Community pages if a Fan page with the same name didn’t already exist.

I’m researching a little bit to decide on the best tactics/advice to give when the topic comes up. So far, this post has given the best explanation of how it all works, and given the best advice on how your brand should deal with community pages contra your business page.

Update: 2010-11-08

Facebook have finally made it possible for you to “claim” an auto-generated community page. At the bottom of each community page there is now a link that says “Is this your page?”. The verification process takes a few days, but afterwards the fans from the community page get merged with your “real” page.

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