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September 21, 2011

Facebook news feed changes: Tested and researched?

I’d love to see the research and testing that went into Facebook’s latest changes to the news feed. I’m making the presumption here that they *have* researched and *have* tested it before launch.

They’ve moved the real-time feed over to the right column, which includes “actions” by your friends (and pages) such as liking or commenting – but further interaction with this items is an extra step away – which will result in many of them never receiving further interaction.

The main news stream is a odd jumble of “top” news and “recent” news “since your last visit”. This is a very abstract collection and will be difficult for people to understand what it is they are seeing (and why they aren’t seeing some things)

We all know that a key factor to success is simplicity, and given the complexity of the new news stream on Facebook, i’d say it’s s step away from success.

…but then we always complain about changes to Facebook, but nevertheless we stay and put up with it.

(this post was originally posted to Google+)

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