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July 16, 2010

Feedburner best practice?

Webfeeds (Atom/RSS) are one of those areas that are far too often overlooked and neglected by web teams and web designers. Not a good thing given that the people who had bothered to subscribe to your feed are your most loyal fans/customers/potential customers.

What is the best way of configuring Feedburner?

Or at least, what are the must-do’s?

For the Feedburner feed for the BBB I tweaked the following in Feedburner…

  • Turned off track item link clicks (a wordpress plugin adds the campaign tracking
  • Enabled subscription options under BrowserFriendly
  • Enabled SmartFeed
  • Enabled FeedFlare and added links to share via email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Geo-tagged the feed
  • Added an image and details to Feed Image Burner
  • Added Title/Description to Feed Title/Description Burner
  • Enabled PingShot (for Pubsubhubbub functionallity)
  • Enabled Socialize so that items are published to RoyalLawson (a feed-only test account of mine)

One thing I’m definitely undecided about is whether to “tease” and force subscribers to click-through to the block, or not. This blog does tease, whereas the Beantin blog doesn’t.

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