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July 15, 2010

Feedburner, WordPress and Pubsubhubbub in 4 steps

You can very simply use Feedburner to create a real-time Pubsubhubbub feed for your wordpress site.

Yes, you could install a PubSubHubbub plugin, but then you can’t use Feedburner – and Feedburner is a powerful service that offers a lot of benefits. Or perhaps you are already using Feedburner on your WordPress site?

Four steps

  1. Burn your original WordPress feed
  2. Install the FD Feedburner plugin and configure
  3. Add to your Update Service list under Settings -> Writing
  4. In Feedburner enable PingShot under the Publicize tab

The third step is important. Normally Feedburner only checks if your feed has been updated every 30 mins. This isn’t customisable in any way.

By adding Feedburner to your list of update services Feedburner will be pinged as soon as you update or post something and this triggers an override of the 30 min wait and Feedburner re-grabs your feed and subsequently pushes it out to the Google Pubsubhubbub reference hub server.

And there go you. real-time updates to your subscribers and search engines.

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