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May 30, 2014

How to find & favourite “Most Recent” on Facebook’s mobile app

For some reason only known to Facebook, they are constantly trying to force “Top Stories” on people. Many people, myself included, like to see a feed of updates as they happen – the “Most Recent” feed. On the latest versions of the Facebook app for mobile (Spring 2014 at the time of writing) the main feed on the app is always “Top Stories”.

“Most Recent” is still there, but it’s quite hidden. In this post I’ll show you where it is in the Android app and how to favourite it so that it’s easier to get to.

Step 1

To find “Most Recent” click on the “hamburger” icon to the top right of the app. Then scroll down until you reach the section titled “Feeds”. The first item here will be “Most Recent”. Remember where this is for later!


Step 2

Scroll further down until you reach the “help & settings” section. Click on “Edit Favorites”.


Step 3

Scroll back up to where we’d found “Most Recent” and press the star icon. A question will pop up asking if you really want to make this a favorite. Of course you do! So say yes…


Step 4

Scroll right up to the top to the “Favourites” section. You’ll see lots of “hamburger” icons to the right. Press and hold the hamburger on the “Most Recent” row and drag the row up to just below “News Feed”


Step 5

We’re done! So press “Finished Editing”


Simple access to Most Recent

Now all you need to do to get to the latests updates on Facebook is to press the top right icon on the menu row and you’ll see “Most Recent” as the first link.


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