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October 30, 2010

Galaxy Tab wallpaper template

Getting wallpapers right for Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab, isn’t easy. The main challenge is dealing with the combination of landscape and portrait modes. You’d think it would be straight forward – produce a square image – well yes, but the Galaxy Tab doesn’t utilise the full square.

The Tab has a resolution of 1024×600. The entire width of a 1024-wide wallpaper image will be visible at some point. So any part of your image in the middle section is safe. The “bleed areas” in landscape mode are the top quarter and the bottom quarter (approximately). In portrait mode, you’ve got a strip across the top and the bottom that is totally discarded.

Galaxy Tab Android wallpaper template

To help you make sure the visual content you want to be visible on your Galaxy Tab wallpaper I’ve made a photoshop template for you. Place your content so that it fills the red rectangle. The green rectangle is the part of your wallpaper that will be visible in landscape mode. I’ve included some guides to help you snap your content into place.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Photoshop wallpaper template (zipped psd)

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