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September 25, 2013

Google Plus location sharing privacy settings

I’ve always been a fan of Google Latitude. It was really quite useful in a number of situations to see the exact location of friends and family. Google recently shut Latitude down and replaced the functionality with location in Google Plus.

Google’s instructions on how to turn on location sharing can be found here.

The default setting is to just share your location with yourself, which is private but not particularly social.

You can see me

What I’ve done is create a new circle called You can see me. I’ve then added people to that circle who I’d like to share my location with.

Screenshot showing custom sharing settings for your pinpoint location in Google Plus

After that, I went into my Google Plus settings and found the section called Location (pictured). Here you can set who can see your pinpoint location (exact location, like good old latitude) as well as who can see your city level location.

I’ve chosen custom then added my You can see me circle as well as my Family circle.

Now, if I want to let someone see where I am, I just add them to the circle – no need to dive into any settings!

Encourage your friends to share location

You can’t send location sharing requests in the same way as you could with Latitude, but you can post an update to your newly created You can see me circle and encourage them to location share.

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