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June 8, 2011

How to import into Google Contacts: CSV template

I’ve just migrated all my contact from my old Sony Ericsson C905 into my shiny and new Samsung Galaxy Ace. It took a bit of time, but I’ve just managed to do it pretty much perfectly. Here’s how…

  1. Use MyPhoneExplorer to Export contact from C905 to a CSV file
  2. Fill in one contact completely (with all the fields you expect to use) in Google Contacts
  3. Export that contact as a comma separated file (CSV format). This gives you a template with the current columns being used by Google Contacts (they vary reasonably often as i’ve understood)
  4. Copy your data column by column to the correct column in your 1-contact template file. It’s essential that you keep leave the names of the column headers untouched as well as the order of the columns.
  5. Fill in the correct type in the corresponding type column for each value column. This applies to telephone numbers, email addresses and each set of address fields. Values are: home, work, other (plus numerous others for telephone)
  6. Save your completed “template” CSV and then use the import function in Google Contacts.
  7. Hey presto, you should now have lots of nicely formatted contacts, with all the right data in the right fields.

At the time of writing, the columns and the column order for your CSV to import into Google Contacts is as follows:

Given Name	
Additional Name	
Family Name	
Yomi Name	
Given Name Yomi	
Additional Name Yomi	
Family Name Yomi	
Name Prefix	
Name Suffix	
Short Name	
Maiden Name	
Billing Information	
Directory Server	
Group Membership	
E-mail 1 - Type	
E-mail 1 - Value	
E-mail 2 - Type	
E-mail 2 - Value	
E-mail 3 - Type	
E-mail 3 - Value	
IM 1 - Type	
IM 1 - Service	
IM 1 - Value	
Phone 1 - Type	
Phone 1 - Value	
Phone 2 - Type	
Phone 2 - Value	
Phone 3 - Type	
Phone 3 - Value	
Address 1 - Type	
Address 1 - Formatted	
Address 1 - Street	
Address 1 - City	
Address 1 - PO Box	
Address 1 - Region	
Address 1 - Postal Code	
Address 1 - Country	
Address 1 - Extended Address	
Organization 1 - Type	
Organization 1 - Name	
Organization 1 - Yomi Name	
Organization 1 - Title	
Organization 1 - Department	
Organization 1 - Symbol	
Organization 1 - Location	
Organization 1 - Job Description	
Website 1 - Type	
Website 1 - Value
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