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July 12, 2010

Instant web pages – jottit

The other week Google closed down their Startpage service within Google Apps. That caused me a little problem and jotti seems to be the answer.

You’d think Google closing Startpages wouldn’t matter. The Startpage service itself hasn’t been available to new Google Apps customers for a couple of years, but Weekend had been using it as an “intranet landing page” that contained all the links to the various web services Weekend people use as part of their digital office. The custom sections didn’t make the migration to iGoogle. They are there, but they don’t work and can’t be viewed.

So, time for a quick replacement. Google sites was my first thought, but I don’t want users to have to choose a site from the start-page URL. So a quick hunt around and I found jottit. Which once i’d spent a couple of minutes using I realised I’d looked at it before, but from a personal-wiki angle (I use tiddlywiki).

With jottit you can create webpages instantly, without signing up. You can even claim pages (thereby locking down editor rights) and make some customisations to the design.

Couple of quick customisations and config things and Weekend have a nice simple start page again.

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