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October 5, 2012

Emotional pressure with LinkedIn endorsements

Towards the end of September LinkedIn made it possible to endorse your connections. You can agree that a particular contact has a certain skill or add suggest skills yourself.

The feature itself is quite well implemented. It’s easy to endorse. It’s visually intuitive. It’s endorsing appears to spread rapidly amongst contacts.

What was noticable very quicky whilst trying it out was the emotional aspect.

When confronted by the large blue box on a contact’s profile you are pressured into endorsing all of the skills presented to you.

Skills and experience keywords are listed further down profiles. If no-one has given any endorsements yet, then there’s a number of awkward problems. Do I endorse all the skills? or do I endorse just a few? If so, which ones? How is my contact going to react to the skills I didn’t endorse?

If some has already made some endorsements, then you can see how many there are and who has made them. The natural response to endorse the skills that others have already endorsed.

Although nicely implemented (with the exception of the “endorse all” pattern in the blue box), the emotional and psychological aspects to endorsing lead me to question the quality of LinkedIn endorsements.

There’s no hiding the fact that LinkedIn recommendations are of a much higher quality and in my experience honest. Endorsements feel quite spammy and low quality in comparison.

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