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August 12, 2010

Moving your GWT verification file

When a client launched their new website at the beginning of July, I managed to forget something – to have The Google Webmaster Tools verification file moved from the old server to their new one.

I think in part, I hadn’t really thought about how the file isn’t just part of a one-off verification process. It has to always be present, or your site fails “reverification” and falls back to “unverified”. That then means your data and reports become inaccessable.

It’s took me a while to notice as it GWT doesn’t reverify everyday. So everything was ok in the days after launch. It seems to be once a month it checks for the file (until it fails, then it checks daily for 4 days before giving up).

Now I need to put a request in for their IT department to recreate the verification file and hope that all the data from when it was first verified becomes available again in GWT.

Update 2010-08-13

Verification file back in place, all the existing data available again. Great.

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