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July 14, 2010

Unwanted paragraph tags in WordPress posts

During my tinkering with the template for The Beta Blog, I ran into a whole load of problems with trying to get the green CTA “Continue reading” links working.

As soon as I styled the links with a coloured background I could see two blocks of green. One being the link, the other being a little square of green directly at the end of the last paragraph of text.

Turned out that the auto paragraph function of WordPress – which inserts <p> tags in both Visual and HTML editing modes – was really messing up the code. It ended up having paragraph tags sandwiching the closing <a> tag for the “more” link!

<a href="" class="more-link">
<p>Continue reading &raquo;</p>

It wasn’t a solution to turn off WordPress’s parsing of HTML mode as I still wanted functions such as “more” to work.

The solution I found, although i’m not 100% happy with it, was to install a plugin called Raw HTML. The plugin does exactly what it says it will, but in order to get my index page and “more” links to work I have to remember to check “Disable automatic paragraphs” on every post. There’s no option to set it as default.

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