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September 6, 2010

Solutions for embedding EmoVotes on any website

EmoVotes are where you “rate” content by selecting your emotional response – such as happy, angry, curious and indifferent. This way of voting and rating content in my experience gives a more honest response than such mechanisms as star ratings and thumbs up/down.


Here in Sweden a number of newspapers, most notably Sydsvenskan, use emotional ratings on their articles. With Sydsvenskan visualising the result as proportionally divided coloured rectangles with in a square. But how do you easily implement something similar on your website?

sydsvenskan evo-vote 4 choices visualised as proportionally scaled rectangles


One solution is the WordPress plugin Evo-vote. This is a very simple plugin with no real options for customising the visualisation (it’s radio buttons or nothing). Potentially useful if you are using WordPress, but it’s not available for any other platform.

Poll Daddy

Polldaddy can also be used for ratings, but it’s limited to stars and thumbs up/down. It also would involve creating a new poll for each post/page on your website.

Then I stumbled upon It’s not released yet but from the information on the website, it would appear to be a very customisable emotional voting tool that can be embedded on whatever website you want. Exactly what I was looking for – but, the fact it’s not available yet kind of puts a spanner in the works. Here’s hoping for a beta invite.

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