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October 2, 2010

Testing QR code readers

I’ve just been testing a number of QR Code readers for non-smartphones, that is to say phones that run Java midlet applications (rather than Android or iPhone apps).

Worldwide there are still more “conventional” phones in use out there than smartphones, so it seemed like a good idea to see how well they could cope with scanning QR codes.

7 apps tested

I’ve tested 7 different Java QR Code readers using a number of QR Codes (both on screen and printed) on my SonyEricsson C905. The apps tested were: i-Nigma, ZXing, Neoreader, Kaywa Reader, Scanlife, UpCodeJava and BeeTagg.

Poor quality

By and large it was an awful experience, and it’s not surprising that QR codes haven’t taken off worldwide earlier given how rubbish most of these apps were.

i-Nigma though was in a class of it’s own. It scanned everything, and was a breeze to use. The full details of the test will be published on the Beantin blog sometime soon.

Update 2010-10-25

I’ve now published the full details over on the beantn blog: Tested: Java midlet QR code readers

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