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August 19, 2010

Tweetmeme button versus Twitter official button

Twitter has launched it’s own (re)tweet button for your website. They’ve done this in co-operation with Tweetmeme; the undisputed masters of the Twitter button until this week. But which one is best? What’s the difference?

I’ve been testing and comparing the two buttons. The Twitter button is installed here on the Beta Blog, whilst the Tweetmeme button is installed on the Beantin blog.

They are very similar in their implementation and possibilities for customisation – so that isn’t really a deciding factor – but here are my initial findings that are relevant when deciding which button to use:

Advantages of Twitter button

  • Post Tweet “suggestions” page. Once you’ve tweeted, you are then presented with up to two (customisable) suggestions of Twitter accounts to follow
  • If logged into Twitter, works without additional oauth authorisation

Advantages of Tweetmeme button

  • Counts “Twitter” retweets as seperate Tweets in the total
  • Picks up a wider range of URL shortening services, including self-hosted ones such as Yourls
  • Goes back further in time. Twitter’s service only started counting In July 2010.


If you have an established site and have been accumulating tweets for your pages over a period of time before July 2010 you will have a lot of “zero” Tweets icons on your pages, giving the impression that no-one has Tweeted your content.

The suggested accounts to follow feature of the Twitter button is very interesting and will increase the number of follows your account(s) receive post-tweeting.

You need to work out which features are tactically most important to you. If technically possible on your site, look into using the Twitter button only on new posts, and Tweetmeme on archived ones.

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