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August 26, 2010

How to stop WordPress comment spam when using Disqus

I’ve had Disqus installed since day one on this blog. No spam whatsoever in Disqus. Lovely and Quiet. To my surprise, comments posted via bots and scripts kept on coming in.

Ok, they were never visible on the site – but I kept receiving email notifications and needed to mark them all as spam from within WordPress admin. I’d presumed that installing Disqus would completely disable the default comment system within WordPress.

But it doesn’t. It leaves the original system intact, including the possibility for bots and scripts to inject comments directly into your WordPress comment system – note not disqus, but WordPress.

No solution?

I’d asked around a few times and searched a fair bit too, but nothing at all came up in relation to Disqus and comment spam – apart from a people recommending using Disqus to prevent spam, people having spam problems with Disqus, and the odd person with (probably) the same problem.


Then I found the combating comment spam page on and read that the ultimate way of disabling commenting is to delete wp-comments-post.php from the base directory of your WordPress installation.

You will, of course, need to check and (re)delete the file again every time you upgrade.

The elegant solution

A little later, I found a more elegant solution. You can make use of a wordpress action hook in the functions.php file of your theme.

add_action('pre_comment_on_post', 'block_wp_comments');

function block_wp_comments() {
wp_die( __('Sorry, comments are closed for this item.') );

Much tidier than deleting a file. You will of course have to make sure this function is in place should you change or upgrade theme.

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116 Responses

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great advice – this is becoming a plague across so many WordPress installations. I’ve had 1,600 spam comments on one blog alone in one week. Such a paint to deal with unless you know this advice.

  2. giannii Says:


    I’ve noticed this last night and we’re looking into the problem. We’ll be in touch soon.


  3. Disable WordPress Commenting System to prevent spam « Admins eHow Says:

    […] […]

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the elegant solution to blocking wordpress comment spam. I also noticed continued wordpress spam, even though I was using disqus. Now, hopefully, it will stop.

  5. Med-i Says:

     It isn’t possible to block spam, with an analysis of keywords, or a stuf like this???

    In fact people have made scripts only to make automatic comments on their own blogs,
    but noobs used them so badly.

    It is those noob who spam, without correlation of their blog.

    And they are very stupid because google can show that is an automatic spamming, and  penalise them.

  6. nike mercurial Says:

    Very good like that make up the later can see such a lot to the article

  7. Christopher Jenkins Says:

    Thanks for this… got 30 just last night.  Will be nice to not have to clean them up anymore!

  8. Matt Smith Says:

    Thanks for this, I’ve been looking for a solution for this for a while.  Seems many people are unaware of this problem.


  9. Hawk_Wjunction_Noob Says:

    Thank you so much I love you!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Loget_newbie Says:

    How do I test if this works??

  11. James Royal-Lawson Says:

    You should notice pretty quickly that the spam stops appearing directly in WordPress…

  12. didibus Says:

    I think the problem is related to disqus plugin itself. Disqus plugin saves comments made with Disqus to the WordPress database also. The problem is that the plugin does not mark those comments as spam or as deleted if they are within Disqus. I think it’s disqus responsibility to fix this. Disabling the wordpress commenting syste, is problematic, what about when you’ll want to go back to WordPress comments, or move to another comment system?

  13. James Royal-Lawson Says:

    This fix doesn’t stop Disqus from adding a copy of comments to your WordPress database. The comments this stops are those added directly via WordPress, not via Disqus.

  14. didibus Says:

    Ah I see, nice fix then, I will add it to my website. The disqus plugin still has the problem that it doesn’t update the wordpress database when you delete or mark a comment as spam. So if spam comes in through disqus, and one day you went back to wordpress comment system, you’d have a bunch of spam comments left in. Do you know of any fix for this?

  15. Terry Caliendo Says:

    I added your code above to my theme’s functions.php and I’m still getting the spam. To test, I turned off the Disqus plugin and submitted a comment.  I received the message in the code.  How can spammers still be getting into my comments?

  16. James Royal-Lawson Says:

     This doesn’t disable trackbacks, so you’ll still see spam coming in there. If you don’t want pingbacks and trackbacks enabled then you can turn them off in “discussion settings” in your WordPress admin.

  17. Terry Caliendo Says:

    Thanks for the reply, but I do already have the “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks)” unchecked. Any other ideas?

  18. James Royal-Lawson Says:

    Hmm. Don’t know to be honest Terry. I run this solution on a number of sites and the only spam that gets through is via pingbacks and trackbacks (as that option is turned on). This includes a few competitive keyword pages that attract a reasonable amount of spam.

  19. Terry Caliendo Says:

    I think I figured it out…  I had some older posts that I needed to manually update the trackbacks to be off.  So you were right… but the default setting in “discussion settings” didn’t update the older posts.
    — thanks again.

  20. Bunklung Says:

    Thanks for this! WordPress should do this automatically when another comment system is in place.

  21. Zosia Says:

    Great solution. I will do that on my polish site, many thanks!

  22. timverry Says:

    Thank you!! I’ve been trying to stop the flood of spam comments for a while now. Disqus comments have all been clean, but somehow the spammers were still submitting comments to the default WP comments even though I tried restricting those to only logged in users (and disabling registrations).

    Hopefully it works and I can get some semblance of sanity back! ;)

  23. TheScienceEnthusiast1130 Says:

    Nothing stops a hardcore SPAMMER!!!!

  24. Drambuie Says:

    thanks a lot dude!

  25. My Tech Team Says:

    Awesome! We just installed disqus at our site. I realize this post is several years old, but I’ll see if it works.

  26. vadakkus Says:

    Well, I added the code and seeing no result I then deleted wp-comments-post.php itself, but I am still heavily under attack by spam, several hundred every day! Oh yes, I removed trackbacks/pingbacks as well. Can I do anything else to stop this? I am at my wits end!

  27. James Royal-Lawson Says:

    is the spam in Disqus or in WordPress?

    If you’ve removed wp-comments-post and disabled trackbacks/pingbacks then there’s little left in WordPress.

    Perhaps you could try a plugin such as “Disable Comments”, although I’ve not tested that in combination with Disqus, so make sure you backup your site and database before testing – or test on a “sandbox”/test installation.

  28. vadakkus Says:

    The spam is in WordPress, which baffles me since I have removed wp-comments-post altogether. I think I should remove Disqus as well. The number of comments have now dropped though, but I still get around 8-10 per day. Can live with that, better than a 100! :)

  29. James Royal-Lawson Says:

    What you could do is make sure you’ve turned off pingbacks on all old posts in WordPress (and perhaps comments too) – i’ve written a quick guide here:

  30. Tasha Says:

    Does this still work? I would like to know before I try it. Reading the comments below, it doesn’t seem to work that well :( I am having a huge issue with spam coming into wordpress comments with Disqus installed! GRRRR

  31. James Royal-Lawson Says:

    Hi Tasha! Yes, what’s described in this post still does what it says… but depending on exactly what your problem is, you might want to look into additional measures, such as turning off pingbacks (including for all old posts).


  32. Tasha Says:

    I got some advice from a friend, she recommended a plugin I didn’t have. I
    downloaded Anti-Spam plugin and kept
    Askimet and Growmap Anti Spambot plugin that i already had. Haven’t had anymore spam
    comments getting into my WP comments while using Disqus! YAY! :D

  33. Piejs Says:


  34. TheScienceEnthusiast1130 Says:


  35. Jens P. Berget Says:

    I have been looking for this solution for a while. It seems that I am receiving a lot of spam comments every single day, and they’re not inside disqus but on wordpress (and I have disabled the comments). Hopefully this will help. Thank you!

  36. Alex Vojacek Says:

    Another cool solution if you’re using nginx is to stop access to wp-comments-post.php in nginx rules.

    location = /wp-comments-post.php {

    deny all;

  37. rurugby Says:

    I have over 800 spam messages, sounds like WordPress may need better spam protection in a simple way. It’s out of control.

  38. Mahesh Mohan Says:

    Disqus support team recommended this article.. but it’s not working for me… It’s showing a glimpse of WordPress comment system before Disqus starts loading.

  39. James Royal-Lawson Says:

    This solution is to stop comments and pings being inserted directly into your wordpress comment system via wp-comments-post.php. How your theme handles the displaying of comment systems lies elsewhere in your wordpress theme.

  40. Mahesh Mohan Says:

    Actually I tried many ways… I disabled comments like you have mentioned by deleting comment file and then added those codes to functions.php. But the wp comment system was showing as a glimpse…. also… I used to get spam commnets even after deleting wp file and even after making registration mandatory to leave comments.. not sure whats wrong….

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  43. Mahesh Mohan Says:

    deleting wp-comment file or turn of registration for new comments or removing comment codes from theme or nothing helped me…

    Then I got a solution… but it may not be what you desire…

    I simply blacklisted the following characters using WP Discussion Settings.


    So all new comments received via WP Comments are automatically marked as spams. And like I said, it WONT stop bots but at least it’s not bothering me now.. so am happy that way.

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    This is clearly something the people at WordPress need to take action on soon. If you’re using a comment plugin, there shouldn’t be any external access to the built in comment system at all.

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